Spinning Certificate Program

Dedicated to Jane Hyland
In memory of her spirit, sparkle and passion for spinning.

Please note: Applications for the Spinning Certificate Program are not being accepted until further notice!

The WGGB Spinning Certificate Program (SCP) is designed to give WGGB members a structured study guide and to establish stby which they can measure their growing expertise in spinning.  The Program will allow participants to demonstrate their knoandards wledge of multiple fibers, ability to spin to specification, proficiency in use of appropriate tools, and skills in designing and completing a project.

SCP Description
The SCP has three levels: Apprentice, Journeyman, and Masters.   The Apprentice and Journeyman Levels are designed to demonstrate the spinner’s knowledge and technical skills.  The participant must show proficiency in multiple fiber categories and on various types of equipment.  Apprentice and Journeyman participants can form study groups that support their learning experience.  Other Guild study groups, the Guild library, mentoring by skilled spinners in the Guild, and classes available from the Guild and other sources will also support these efforts.

The Masters Level comprises planning and executing an independent project to produce decorative or wearable items that highlight mastery of spinning. Certification at the Apprentice and Journeyman Levels are prerequisites of the Masters Level.

Apprentice and Journeyman Levels: Fiber and Technical Skills
Participants working on the Apprentice Level will submit work on color theory and yarn measurements, and use wool, cotton, bast, synthetic, manmade and silk fibers. Work for the Journeyman Level will cover animal fibers, yarn structure, tools, design elements, yarn duplication and novelty yarns.

Masters Level:  Independent Project
Participants will propose and execute an independent project focused on some aspect of spinning. The required documentation will include a statement of purpose, presentation of the inspiration for the study, and conclusions.  Actual items submitted will include preliminary work and the completed work.

Program Documentation:

All of the following files are in .pdf format.
Download free Adobe Reader to easily view and print PDF files.
Overview - Detailed   6/29/13
Team Organization, Roles and Responsibilities   6/29/13
Basic Instructions and Evaluation Criteria   6/29/13
Apprentice Level – Detailed Requirements   6/29/13
Journeyman Level – Detailed Requirements   6/29/13
Masters Level – Detailed Requirements   6/29/13
Forms   6/29/13
Bibliography   6/29/13


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