Equipment Rental

Guild equipment is available for rent to all individuals who have been members of the WGGB for a minimum of three months. Anyone renting equipment must fill out a rental form. The loom rental period is three months. If no other request has been made, the rental may be extended on a month by month basis. There is a limit of one loom per member per rental period. Exceptions to this limit will be discussed with the Equipment Chairman.

The security deposit will be returned to the borrower when the loom and all unattached parts are returned in good condition. In addition, the renter will pay for the replacement or repair for any lost or damaged item. Guild looms may not be rented by teachers for their students when a fee is charged for the lessons. A member demonstrating gratis in the name of WGGB may borrow a Guild loom at no cost to the demonstrator.

If there are no looms available for rental, one may be reserved.

All equipment must be picked up and returned after rental to the Guild storage unit. Arrangements must be made in advance with the Equipment Chairman or one of the committee members.

For more details or to arrange for a rental, please contact our Equipment Rental Coordinator.


Equipment Monthly Rental Deposit
15" 4 harness Dorothy Table Loom $8 $20
20" 4 harness Dorset Loom $10 $30
20" 8 harness Baby Mac (Macomber) $30 $50
25" 8 harness Baby Wolf $30 $50
100" 4 harness, '2 person' loom Repairs and Maintenance
Ashford Traditional spinning wheel $10 $20
Frick Drum Carder $10 $20


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